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With the pandemic having a profound effect on every industry, it is hard to imagine what could possibly be a profitable industry to invest in. Many companies have had to shut down, and the economy has undoubtedly experienced a significant decline. As we continue to accept and adjust to life with Covid, we have to continue to stimulate the economy.  

COVID 19 Related Pharmaceutical Stocks

As more findings lead to a vaccine for COVID19, pharmaceutical companies will be experiencing generous rewards. Companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Regeneron will benefit the most, but other companies will also see wins with this development. Due to the vaccine needing to be transported in below-freezing temperatures, logistical companies who create cooling technologies will be included in this profit.

Backed Up Travel Stocks

2020 was not a great year for traveling, but we should start to see improvement in the travel industry in 2021. Backed up travel demand could pose a potential surge for stocks in cruise lines, hotels, and airlines. With economic activity strengthening, tourist cities will see lucrative benefits as well. 

Restaurant Stocks

As we work on returning to normalcy, we can expect fast-casual restaurants to see an increase in stocks. When Pfizer announced a 90% efficiency in the third phase of the trials, restaurant groups such as Darden, Cheesecake Factory, and Dave & Buster’s saw double-digit percent growth. 

End of Covid19

This year will be a time of extreme obsession with the approval and distribution of the Covid19 vaccine. Although taking the vaccine is still a controversial topic for many, we will undoubtedly see many vaccine advertisements and various industries pushing it to the public. In addition, many are awaiting Congress’ decision to pass a second stimulus package. Until vaccines are able to overcome the virus completely, consumers and small businesses will need extra help to survive the change in the economy. With this, we can expect to see that every single investment sector will experience macroeconomic impacts.