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Jeff Althoff

Personal Stock Trading

Jeff Althoff is an entrepreneur and personal stock trader based out of Hudson, Wisconsin. He first became involved in personal stock trading in high school but got more involved with the practice as a way to save money in college. Since then, he has developed his own models based on volatility. He built them as an attempt to project market fluctuations before they happen and is pleased that he can fine-tune them when he needs to.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Jeff Althoff spent a decade within the corporate world, working in various Financial Analyst positions for UnitedHealth Group and as a Finance Manager at Ecolab. He completed his undergraduate degree at St. Cloud University, earning his Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance.

Part of what makes Jeff a successful entrepreneur is his background in sports. Athletes are incredibly hard-working—they possess a hustle that is virtually unparalleled. In order to be successful, they have to devote a ton of time to their craft. The same principles apply to a life in business, and especially in the life of an entrepreneur.

Jeff spent the majority of his childhood watching the Chicago Cubs on TV, listening to the voice of famous baseball sportscaster, Harry Caray, narrate the latest exciting play-by-play. As he grew up, he began being an active participant in the sport, playing all throughout high school and on the St. Cloud University baseball team.
To this day, even with the crazy schedule of an entrepreneur, Jeff Althoff makes time to play his favorite sport. In the summer, he plays for Delano Athletics in Minnesota, as well as for Town Team Baseball. For a few years, he was even playing for a North Carolina-based team.

While many people are fans of professional baseball, the world of amateur baseball is huge in Minnesota. Jeff loves the camaraderie of team sports—he loves being able to spend time with his teammates in the clubhouse.

Additionally, furthering his passion for baseball, Jeff is excited at the opportunity to one day play the sport with his nephews. The prospect of watching them grow and learn how to play baseball is something he cannot wait to see. When Jeff Althoff isn’t working, he can often be found hunting, spending time with his nephews, and, depending on the season, watching the latest baseball or football game on tv.

For more insight into personal stock trading, be sure to check out Jeff’s blog!

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