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With technology becoming more advanced and integrated into the modern world, people are starting to use apps for everything possible, including money management. Investment apps provide a way for new and experienced investors to manage their investments in the financial and stock markets. There are many services available for low fees, and the goal is to help investors improve their portfolios while also saving money. Let’s dive into some of the best investment apps for 2021 as featured in The Balance.


This brokerage has extensive resources for multiple different types of investors, but it is best known for prioritizing retirement education and providing tools such as retirement calculators. You can use this app on both Google Assistant and Apple Watch for even more convenience. There is no minimum deposit required, and you can connect your account to “Fidelity Spire” to further set and track investment and savings goals. They also support the same account types as Ameritrade and include investment types such as ETFs and fractional share investing. 

TD Ameritrade

With no minimum deposit required, Ameritrade ranks as a top favorite. They support account types such as education, standard, and retirement, and many different investment types like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and more. There are fees involved, including a 65-cent-flat-fee for each options contract and $25 for broker-assisted trades, but Ameritrade is widely known for being an expert app to organize investments. However, one detail worth mentioning is that some users do not like the switch after Charles Schwab recently acquired it.


If you are new to investing, Acorns is likely the best app for you. When you first sign up for an account, you can fill out a survey that will prompt the mobile app to recommend specific options that seem like a good fit for your investment. There is no minimum deposit required, but there are monthly subscription fees ranging from $1-$5. One cool feature of Acorn is that you can earn money on a linked card by shopping at retailers Acorn is partnered with. Everyone may not favor the monthly fee, but Acorn is excellent at providing creative funding options for various accounts and investments.