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Investing is an activity that takes time and effort. There is no perfect guide on how to invest, but there are definitely ways you can learn about making sound investment decisions. If you do not have time to read various books or do thorough research on the internet, there are still other ways you can learn about investing. One of the most popular ways of obtaining information nowadays is through listening to podcasts. There are many podcasts detailing the ins and outs of all sorts of investments, and we will discuss them below. 


Sound Investing

Hosted by Paul Merriman, this show is known as the best podcast for fund investors. Paul currently runs the Merriman Financial Education Foundation and has just dropped a book titled “We’re Talking Millions! 12 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement.” He contains copious amounts of investment wisdom and logical investment ideas. Recently his podcast episodes have included topics such as the most crucial investment lessons of 2020 and Paul’s personal favorite Vanguard Funds for retirees. 


Animal Spirits

This podcast is an amazing guide for those who are active investors. The show is hosted by Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick, who happen to be members of the Ritholtz Wealth Management Firm. They are experienced investors who detail strategies and ideas for investing with an added touch of originality and a top-notch market analysis. The two are fan favorites due to their individual personalities and intelligent dynamics. They also often feature guest speakers who are top leaders in the investment world. His latest episodes include information on choosing between Traditional and Roth Iras and truths about inflation. 


Matt McCall’s Moneyline

If you are a trader, this is the best podcast for you. The host, Matt McCall, is a former Fox Business Network host and current analyst for InvestorPlace. His focus is searching behind the markets to predict the certain stocks and sectors that are assured to move. He features his own personal insights along with various guests to enlighten people on where the best places are to invest at the moment. Some of his recent episodes include the top stocks to watch in 2021 and what to do with your money now as an investor.