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Opinions shared here shouldn’t be taken as advice.

Much has been said about the performance of the economy and stock market over the course of the past year. This has been an unprecedented year in terms of market fluctuations and disruptions. The stock market remains shockingly strong today, but not all stocks have stayed stable or strong.

OXY – Occidental Petroleum Corp.

The incredible drop that oil underwent at the start of the year is an easy explanation for the fall that Occidental Petroleum has experienced. When oil prices briefly turned negative, it was a massive hit to petroleum corporations across the board. Today, this company has taken a disastrous $6.6 billion write-down charge from the nose-dive the value of its assets took

Year to Date Performance: -76%

COTY – Coty Inc.

This beauty product retailer has had a difficult year thanks to a combination of a poorly managed balance sheet combined with an unexpectedly hard hit on the company’s sales. Though it’s worth noting that after divesting nearly 60% of its business to a private equity house, it has raised $3 billion to shore up debt.

YTD Performance: -74%

MRO – Marathon Oil Corp.

Marathon was another oil-industry giant that took a major hit over the pandemic. They announced a pause on production and suspended the dividend and share buybacks during the tightest of the quarantine. They’ve reinstated their quarterly dividend, though the dividend itself is 3 cents per stock now vs the 5 cents per stock that it was before. At the very least, recent public statements and reports released by Marathon have been more confident than most.

YTD Performance: -69%

CCL – Carnival Corp.

It’s not a surprise that the cruise business has suffered throughout the pandemic. Even without the widespread concern of disease, the industry has had more than it’s a fair share of outbreaks and difficulties. Carnival predicts a sharp rebound in 2021, but even the full 71% predicted rebound would not bring them back to normal standards.

YTD Performance: -70%

SABR – Sabre Corp.

Sabre is a major player in the area of travel tech solutions – exactly the kind of industry you don’t want to be working in right now. Sabre provides major support to travel, airline, and hospitality, all of which have struggled – causing a major drop in business. Sabre’s revenue fell more than 90% from last year, and currently, it would be a surprise for the company to bounce back anytime before 2022.

YTD Performance: -69%

Though these stocks have all faced major pitfalls, not one of these companies has thrown in the towel. It’s likely to be a long time until change comes to fruition, but it’s still possible for these stocks to rebound. With smaller corporations having a harder time staying afloat, these corporations could end up having a higher potential as their competitors fall away and their market-share increases. But ultimately they are all in dire straits right now – as is anybody overly invested in them